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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 5, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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now presumably, to discuss, you know, climate change. but me thinks something else is going on. and you might ask why. it's just a guess. i have no idea. but that's weird, right? trish regan, that's weird. trish: i'm intrigued. so what do you think is going on? neil: i don't know, it's not about climate change. [laughter] trish: thanks so much, neil. wouldn't it have been interesting to be in that meeting? president-elect donald trump interviewing more people to join his administration as neil says, what is al gore doing there? he did name rival dr. ben carson to head the department of housing and urban development, but the short list for secretary of state, it just got longer. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." president-elected donald trump broadening his search for secretary of state, he is now considering the ceo of exxonmobil, rex tillerson, as well as the former u.s. ambassador to china, jon huntsman, for the job. we've got former governor mike huckabee joining us on what he
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thinks of these latest possible picks. speaking of china, the communist country showing a stark warning today after the president-elect speaks to the president of taiwan. trump firing back saying he doesn't need their permission. after all, china doesn't play by the rules, so why should he? why should we? we've got the intel. but first, to blake burman outside of trump tower where just a short time ago the president-elect met with al gore. blake, we thought he was just going to meet with ivanka. what happened? >> reporter: that's right. we were told earlier today, trish, that this would just be a meeting between the former vice president, al gore, and ivanka trump, the daughter to donald trump and of the trump organization, ivanka trump also an adviser no now to the president-elect. we were told the topic would be climate issues. however, as we now know, the former vice president spoke with the current president-elect, al
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gore afterwards came down the elevators here at trump tower, spoke with the media, and he described that discussion with mr. trump as both productive and very lengthy. >> i found it an extremely interesting conversation and to be continued. and i'm just going to leave it at that. >> reporter: among all that, trish, the speculation about what the president-elect might do to fill the top diplomatic role are, secretary of state, intensifies. you might remember last week the trump folks told us they were down to four different selections, the president-elect was. now it appears it could be at least double that, and one of the names potentially on the list is rex tillerson, the ceo of exxonmobil. he will be here at trump tower tomorrow. transition aides say that meeting will happen here in new york city. by the way, amid all of in the trump team did make a mayor announcement today, that being
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dr. ben carson as the housing and urban development secretary. as you know, carson was a one-time rival, now adviser and now secretary designee, i guess you could call him, for the president-elect. just about 15 minutes ago peter thiel walked in here to trump tower. it just gives you a little bit of a sense of what is going on here which i think could be summed up this way: a lot. [laughter] trish: indeed. the founder of paypal. thank you so much, blake, we'll continue checking in with you as you continue to spot these folks. i'm joined by former republican presidential candidate and fox news contributor or, governor mike huckabee. governor, good to see you. >> good to see you, trish. what an amazing day it's already turning out to be. trish: well,s this is interesting to me because you, you certainly have been, we should say, a bit of a critic of mitt romney's all along the way, and you did not favor him, as i understand it, for that position of secretary of state.
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well, now it looks like there are some more choices. what do you think? >> well, i now think we need to call it the not-so-short list of people who are being considered for secretary of state. the fact that he's meeting both with peter thiel and al gore, one of the things that just is blown away in terms of the perception of donald trump, the national media tried to portray him as a man who is fairly shallow, he's not that thoughtful, and he's impulsive. one thing that this process, i hope, has completely put to bed is the notion that he's either. he's a very, very thoughtful person. he's a man of great depth. he's an incredibly curious person. so he would want to meet with people whether it's al gore or anyone else who have maybe very different views to listen to them and hear from them. the second thing is he's not impulsive. the fact that he's very methodically working through a list of people that he's considering for his cabinet is,
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to me, an affirmation of his extraordinary executive savvy, and this is something i think we're going to see throughout his presidency. trish: you know, what do you think of governor huntsman? do you think he could do the job? he certainly has experience in china, more than, you know, you look at anybody else on that list, he seems to be highly familiar with china and given all that's going on right now, we could use some of that. >> well, sure. jon huntsman would be a great choice. he's a personal friend, we were governors together. i have a great respect for him. but ultimately, donald trump will choose someone that he feels very compatible with his world view and someone who will go forth and represent donald trump's views to the world and bring that world view of the other countries back to him in a very blunt way. who that person is, that's for donald trump to decide, and i'm convinced he's going to make a good and decent choice that will serve his administration. trish: you mentioned that he's very rational and he likes to talk to many different people before making a decision. one of the conversations he had this weekend that attracted a
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lot of attention, as you know, is that call with the taiwanese president. people are all upset saying, look, this completely breaks with diplomatic protocol to which you say what, governor? >> the diplomatic protocol needs to be broken. we have kowtowed to what beijing wants us to do. taiwan is our friend. what we ought to do is apologize for the way the carter administration treated them back in 1979 when they were frog marched out of the u.n. it was an embarrassing moment. here you have taiwan, a freedom-loving democracy who elects people and who has built a whole system on free enterprise, who values our values, who mirrors our form of government in so many ways, and we treated them like an enemy, and we treated the communists like they were our best friends. look, i get it that china's big, i get it that they have a lot of money, that, therefore, there's a big advantage in having trade with them. but, look, we also ought to be
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very blunt with china. they oppress their people, they jail people for differing views, and they don't practice religious liberty. so, look, this is great that donald trump has said i'm going to stand up with people who stand up with things we care about. good for him. [laughter] trish: he also made the point that we sell them more than a billion dollars worth of military equipment, so they're one of our customers. before i let you go, governor, i want your reaction to what sarah palin said recently in an op-ed. she basically slammed donald trump for the carrier deal in which a thousand jobs were saved, saying that this smacks of crony capitalism. what do you say about your good friend sarah there? >> well, crony capitalism is when you give a particular company some benefits because of who runs it. it's not crony capitalism when you create an incentive that creates jobs because here's what i found as a governor. if you have people who are out of work, the government is paying for their health insurance, they're probably helping their housing, their food stamps.
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the government is paying a whole lot of tough, and these folks aren't working. give them a job and guess what? trish: i would add to that -- >> from the sweat of their brow. that's a better way to go. trish: because every one of these jobs affects many, many more jobs. all right. who's your money on for secretary of state? i want to know. >> you know, i still think rudy is the odds-on favorite. i may be wrong, but he's been loyal, he's got great credentials, and if i had to bet a piece of cake, that's who i'd go with. [laughter] trish: governor huckabee, good to see you. a stark warning from china today following president-elect donald trump's phone call with the president of taiwan on friday. china now warning that talking to taiwan without china's permission threatens u.s. and china relations, but mr. trump quickly firing back on twitter, tweeting: did china ask us if it was okay to devalue their
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currency, making it hard for our companies to compete, heavily tax our products going into our country? the u.s. doesn't tax them. or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the south china sea? i don't think so. okay, is he on to something? is it time to rethink how we do business with china? joining me right now, foreign policy analyst arash, you're saying we don't need to be rethinking, you like the way it currently is. tell me why. >> you know what? nobody's saying we should ask permission from the chinese who happen to be if not an adversary, they're definitely a rival on the global scene. but here's what seasoned foreign policy experts, analysts and veterans in this field would say: foreign policy, executing successfully foreign policy is based on precedent and consistency. when you go after destroying 40-some-odd years of foreign policy precedents -- mind you,
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by the way, set in place by republicans, by henry kissinger and richard nixon in the '70s and also when you start talking about tweeting at 4:00 in the morning and you have this aroma and aura of inconsistency about you, our allies start doubting us, can if our enemies no longer fear us. trish: it sounds like you're in agreement with the white house. i want to play for the viewer what josh earnest said in today's press conference. we've got the tape? yeah, we've got it. let's run this right here, this is josh earnest. >> some of the progress we have made in our relationship with china could be undermined by this issue flaring up. the response from the chinese government in the aftermath of this call has primarily been to ratchet up the rhetoric against taiwan. it's unclear to me how that kind of consequence benefits the people of taiwan. trish: all right. so i know you're in agreement with josh on this one, that's my takeaway from what you just
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said. but why can't we start to turn some of this stuff on its head? i mean, think about all the people that said there's no way you can win an election if you're out there doing what donald trump did, and he proved them all wrong. i mean, why can't we start to change the game when it comes to how we deal with china? i mean, isn't that exactly what he's doing? >> no, he's not. and this is what he's doing, he is -- he made a rash decision. for the first week, we thought this was yet another amateurish movie a very inexperienced transition team. now it turns out about a week even before talking to the president of taiwan, the trump team wanted to set up this call. so we need to -- trish: you know what it tells me then? they're not as inexperienced as you think. >> no, they're -- trish: what it tells me is that this is a guy who's a darn good negotiator who has gotten to where he is in life because he knows how to negotiate, and he's not going to play by the same rules that were always set up. these are 40-year-old rules. he's saying it's going to change
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here on the spot and, guess what, china, wake up and notice. >> and that's exactly, trish, where you're wrong. he's inexperienced and surrounded by a group of inexperienced so-called foreign policy experts, and they are fueled by ideology. and here's what's going to happen. we rely on china over north korea. we have a madman in north korea armed with nuclear weapons. china is the only world power that has any influence in pyongyang. also we rely on -- trish: you know what? we've been out there protecting china for years. they don't pay us for it. we protect them. it's kind of a deal where they get to grow their economy hand over fist, and we're out there protecting them as the policeman of the world. well, maybe -- >> we protect china? we protect china? trish: may not necessarily be a -- i'm going to leave it there, i'm out of time. we've got more coming up. [laughter] i want to continue talking about this because vice president-elect mike pence is out there blasting the
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mainstream media for beating up donald trump's phone call with the president of taiwan. talking to a dictator who murders his own people. yet it's time for trump to talk to a democratically-elected leader in taiwan, and that's somehow bad? why the double standard? will the liberal media ever give mr. trump a fair chance? you heard arash's side of things. let's hear the next side next.
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and taiwan have talked in nearly 40 years, and the media is jumping all over it. but mike pence says, you know what? it was just a courtesy call, calm down. here he is. >> the waters seem like a tempest in a teapot. it's striking to me that president obama would reach out to a murdering dictator in cuba and be hailed as a hero, and president-elect donald trump takes a courtesy call from the democratically-elected president of taiwan, and it becomes something of a thing in the media. [laughter] trish: kind of a good point. i'm joined by dan gainor from the the media research center, good to see you. >> good to see you. trish: you think the media's overreacting yet again. explain why. >> one, they can't stand the fact that trump's actually president and two, of course, they hate his use of twitter as well. and so they want to depict everything he's doing as crazy, they want to forget that we have, thanks to the taiwan
2:18 pm
relations act, we are militarily obligated to defend taiwan if china attacks. somehow china building islands in the south china sea isn't provocative, but a tweet is? a phone call is? the american media have so lost their moorings since the post-elect. they're even worse than they were before the election. trish: you know, one of the points that our previous quest was making was, hook, you know, we haven't talked to them in 40 years, and all of this work has been done, and now you run the risk that it will all be unraveled to which i say, dan, you know what? you know, things aren't going so swimmingly well. why not start to shake things up? why not put china on edge by at least just saying, hi, you know, how are you, thank you for your phone call to the taiwanese president? i mean, doesn't that send a warning that maybe china needs to hear? >> oh, of course it sends a warning. you know, and, yes, we've talked to them, we've sent them, you
2:19 pm
know, tons of weapons, we talk to them all the time. it's the formal, you know, communication that the media hates so much. but remember, the context here is how angry the media are about twitter in general. i've been tracking trump's tweets post-election. 25% of his tweets have been critical attacks on the media, just a couple hours ago he blamed the media. he said the reason why he's tweeting is because the media gets so much stuff wrong, and he says i guess they're not going to change that, so i'll probably have to keep tweeting. trish: yeah, no, that's right. >> 100% true. trish: look, at least the advantage of twitter is he can take his message directly to the people in the words and ways that he wants to do so. let me ask you about something else that the media's been picking all up on, and that's his cabinet choices, that they're all so wealthy. they're also ang that he, in their view, is not going to be able to properly distance himself from his own business if he puts his daughter in charge,
2:20 pm
for example. they say that's not enough. what exactly do they want him to do? do they want our president to go out and liquidate a business that he's actually built, thereby discouraging, i might add, dan, any future billionaires, entrepreneur, successful people from seeking that office. >> there's absolutely nothing that trump can do except resign and hand over the job to hillary clinton that would make the media happy with him. [laughter] you know, i mean, so he's in this damned if you do and damned if you don't and damned if you even consider another option scenario. oh, obama brings in hillary clinton as secretary of state, and it's a unity move. trump talks to romney, trump brings in, you know, a new hud secretary or who against him, and the media are saying, oh, those are bad choices. trish: i get it. so if i'm donald trump, i say to heck with the media.
2:21 pm
i am going to do what i think is right, period, and let the media deal with it after the fact. i mean, you know, dan, that's kind of all you can do in an environment like that. >> well, and he's clearly saying to heck with the media. he's using twitter for responses to media, he's using twitter to make public policy statements. they hate it. i love it. [laughter] trish: i know you do. dan gainor, thank you so much. all right, president obama's at it again. he's got six weeks, just six weeks left to go in the office, and the president has killed the taco that pipeline -- the the da pipeline project. just the latest example of the president's war on energy and on jobs. but the good news is, change is coming. you know in six weeks, january 20th. so will donald trump give this project the green light? we're heading out to north dakota, we're going the take a look at what effect it all has on our economy and jobs there. i'll see you right back here inn two.
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>> we're here today to stand up for exactly that, for a vote that is accurate, secure and fair and just in which every vote counts and every vote counted. this, in in fact, is what makes america great -- the promise of democracy and the promise of justice for all. trish: she just won't give up. green party presidential candidate jill stein's refusal to accept the results of the election pushes on. today a judges has ordered a hand recount of michigan's nearly five million ballots to begin immediately. stein is trying to force a federal court order to restart the recount in pennsylvania. a recount is already underway in wisconsin, and another independent candidate is requesting one in nevada now. meanwhile, the democrats are playing their part or in obstructing progress by promising to give president-elect donald trump's
2:26 pm
cabinet picks the garland treatment. meaning, senate dems will delay confirmation of his picks more weeks, maybe months -- for weeks, maybe months. so much for trying to work together to get our country in a better place. joining me right now is nick adams and fox news contributor leslie, you know, what's the point of all this in terms of the recounts? >> well, first of all, i do favor the recount, and this is why: when you look at how much hacking has occurred whether it's the dnc, john podesta, could somebody hack into a voting process system within one or any of these states, yes. i as an american want every vote to be counted, and i know a lot of americans feel that and didn't vote because they feel their vote doesn't count. trish: are you suggesting, are you suggesting that donald trump didn't win at all? is that underlying any of your concerns right now about this process when you talk about hackers, etc., do you think donald trump didn't win?
2:27 pm
>> the electoral college, i'm really not sure til i see the numbers. i don't think the end result of this recount will change that, but i do think it's important to know if every vote was -- trish: wait a second, i know you're a reasonable person. i guess the irony of all this, and i'll go to nick for a second, wasn't it the democrats that were so worried about donald trump not accepting the legitimacy of the results? >> that's exactly right, trish. what an irony, what an incredible turn of events. first of all, we have all of this excitement about whether or not donald trump is going to accept the outcome of the election, and donald trump wins? what happens? all of a sudden it's the other side that doesn't want to accept the outcome. trish: it's wild. i'll tell you the one thing we have as a country our democratic process, and we do, i agree, need to insure that, and we want full transparency to make sure every vote counts, leslie. however, we're at a point where he won, she lost, game over, move on. and yet democrats are saying,
2:28 pm
and i had one on the show the other day who said we will do everything in our power to put every obstacle we can in front of donald trump. you know, good luck, because he's got the majority of the votes. why is there such total, utter resistance right now, leslie? shouldn't we be working hard to make sure that we get the economy back on track for america? >> well, first of all, i didn't like when it was said by our current president -- by mitch mcconnell of our current president that he was going to do everything he could to stop or to block, and i don't like tit for tat on either side, my side either. however, there are some legitimate concerns about democrats -- not those saying we're going to give him the garland treatment -- but those who have constituents they have to report to and the american people on the whole when they have some concerns about some of the nominees, an individual like sessions who 30 years ago was not able to be a federal judge over some issues of racism, how
2:29 pm
could you make that person in a higher position and confirm -- trish: i think that was actually hearsay. he's denied all of that, you know? so you've got to be careful when you're playing with some of that hearsay and trying to bring that up, because you don't want to say false things about someone. anyway, nick, you know, as you look at, as you look at this environment we're in right now, i think donald trump's making it pretty clear that he's willing to do what he can to cross party lines. for goodness sakes, he had al gore at trump tower saying we had an interesting, great meeting, really lengthy, etc. isn't he trying to offer an olive branch of sorts? >> he most certainly is. he's crossing the aisle to do everything he can. i think what we're seeing from president-elect trump is very promising. we're seeing somebody that is already breaking with convention, and i think that's going to continue. and when we just have a look, trish, at the types of people that donald trump is already appointing, it's the most diversion team you could possibly -- diverse team you could possibly contemplate.
2:30 pm
trish: by the way, there's a lot of women, which we like to see. stick around, because we've got more to talk about, leslie and nick. all right, we're going to be right back.
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2:33 pm
trish: the obama administration and the army corps of engineers denying a permit needed to complete the dakota access pipeline, a major win for protesters who want the project to shut down. but you know what? that decision could kill hundreds of construction jobs right along the way. our own jeff flock is live in
2:34 pm
morton county, north dakota, with more on this story. wow! talk about some snow, you look like you're at the north pole there. >> reporter: wish you were here, trish, it's lovely this time of year here in north dakota and a perfect place for a protest. if anybody thought that people were going away as a result of this decision by the army corps of engineers, you need only look here. marchers just marched past us headed up to the bridge which goes over the river that is in question there, the pipeline to go under that river halted yesterday. the construction by the u.s. army corps of engineers, but people here say they do not believe that necessarily may hold. as to the jobs, it's interesting. you know, most of this pipeline has been completed, trish, as ben pans out to the right and you see the camp where these thousands, literally thousands of people have come to protest. in terms of the jobs, a very small portion now to still be constructed. if they were to reroute the
2:35 pm
pipeline, which is what the army corpses has suggested, that actually might create more jobs. so in the short term, maybe the guys that are building right now out of a job, but in the long term if a re-route, a significant re-route is ordered, then perhaps more construction jobs get made. but for right now these marchers have marched down there, we're not able to get down to it with a live picture. we'll head down there after i'm done talking to you and see what's going on to see if there's any kind of confrontation at all. as i said, if you thought people were going home, i don't think that's happening. trish: how many do you estimate are there? >> reporter: right where we are, i would say 3-4,000. can you see through the snow? trish: not really. >> i mean, there are tepees and makeshift huts and mobile homes. it's, it's a city out here. it may be one of north dakota's larger cities at this point. trish: oh, my goodness. you know what?
2:36 pm
i guess you've got to hand it to protesters, if they're willing to sit out in the freezing cold, they must really think they've got something to protest. you're saying maybe more jobs will be created in the long run. we hope so because you've got to stay positive when you out there in that kind of weather. jeff flock, thank you so much. joining me right now, hugo gordon, washington examiner executive director. is this a political action? political theater or, shall we say, by the obama administration in these last few weeks in office? >> it's completely political. i mean, it's not particularly uncommon for an outgoing administration to set up hurdles or trip wires for the incoming administration, and that seems to be exactly what's happening. you may recall that when president clinton left the white house, not only did his staff trash the white house, but they did other things to make life more difficult for the bush administration that was coming in. one of them was that shortly before leaving office, president clinton reduced the arsenic
2:37 pm
level allowed in water by 80% so that when president bush came in and decided that the 3,000 communities that were going to have to spend a lot of money upgrading their water systems shouldn't have to do that and he backed away from the regulation, it was easy to present, for his critics to present bush as someone who wanted to poison the water. you've got the same sort of thing here. trish: what happens ultimately? trump is going to reverse all that? >> yeah, i think he will. he'll come in, and he'll take some flak for it. he'll come in, and he'll say, no, this pipeline can go ahead, and the army corps of engineers will provide the easement, or there'll be an executive order. it's ludicrous that a 1200-mile pipeline should be stopped when there's a quarter of a mile left to build. and, no, i think that trump has made it plain that he supports the project and, you know, who knows, there may be some kind of deal and some money might go to the tribes. who knows what this is really about. certainly, it's the kind of outgoing obama administration political act, yeah.
2:38 pm
trish trek oap okay. six weeks until donald trump's there in the white house. what can you do in six weeks' time if you're president obama? what are you trying to do? you say he wans to make it difficult finish he wants to make it difficult for donald trump. what are some examples of what he could do? >> i expect there are all sorts of environmental things. i mentioned the arsenic, for example. i don't know what the specific ones would be, but there are -- the federal government issues thousands of regulations every year -- [laughter] and tangles up businesses with red tape. so short of going through all of those be seeing how they might be tightened up, you know, i couldn't give you an example. trish: but watch out. >> there's any number of places. watch out, exactly. trish: we'll be looking for it, all right. hugo, good to have you here. >> thank you very much. trish: all right, everyone. turning to this horrible story out of california. the death toll is continuing to grow in oakland where you had that warehouse fire over the weekend which erupted at a dance
2:39 pm
party late on friday night. authorities are saying 36 people have been confirmed dead, and that number will likely rise. only 11 victims have been positively identified. officials have had to stop the search at at the scene as the structure has been deemed unsafe. investors believe they've located the section of the building where the fire started, but the cause of the blaze, it still remains unknown. president-elect donald trump vowing to cut all ties with the trump empire. he says his children will take over the business. so how exactly would that work, and why is the media so upset about this? we have got the intel, i'll see you right back here in two.
2:40 pm
2:41 pm
♪ ♪ trish: all right. let's check out these markets which just keep on moving higher. chk it out. the dow has set another all-time intraday high. looks like, you know, you see this kind of upside keeping up, we could be again closing at a new high. financial stocks leading the way, goldman among some of the bigger gainers along with bank of america, morgan stanley, citi all higher. banks benefiting, of course, from what many are predicting is an interest rate hike later this month and maybe a little less regulation with donald trump in the white house as opposed to hillary clinton. european markets ending higher today after italy votes no to a referendum over constitutional reform. and just a short time ago, the president of italy asked the prime minister to delay stepping down until the italian
2:42 pm
parliament passes a budget law this month. we are going to be right back with more on the left's insistence that president-elect donald trump is violating the constitution.
2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
charlie gasparino joins me now. charlie, can it be done? >> you know, you can -- listen, remember on wall street, you covered business with me on wall street for many years, analysts, there was this theoretical chinese wall between the research department and the investment banking that analysts couldn't hump a stock to help the investment bankers to win the stock deal, right? they're supposed to be separate, because the analysts are supposed to be working independently. it never really works out. so chinese walls are easily ev his children, theoretically, will control the wiz, he will be -- the business, he will be working in the white house, but, you know, the ability of his -- i mean, the notion that he's never going to talk to his kids about what's going on -- [laughter] in various parts of the country -- trish: is a silly one, right? >> now, the question is, should we be going nuts over this like "the new york times" and everybody thinking this is the biggest, corrupt organization in the world, i would say, no. here's the thing. we elected a businessman
2:45 pm
president -- well, i didn't vote, i didn't elect. you guys elected him. he, for the most part, runs fairly legitimate operation, say what you want about trump university. you know, you don't hear a lot about his golf courses -- trish: and, in fact, i've heard very good things about a lot of his properties. >> right. he's got some stuff going on in scotland, it's all out there. but here's the best thing about trump's operations, most of it is known. you know, the problem with the conflicts of interest that we had with the clinton foundation, and this is something people keep missing is that hillary clinton was at the state department. she was meeting with, doing business with and meeting with potential foreign donors of the clinton foundation who were doing business with the state department. trish: yeah. >> and it was done because of the way, because of the sort of, the decisions she made to keep things secret particularly with this private e-mail server kind of out of the bounds of any regulatory authority. we didn't know what she was doing and what quid pro quos were going --
2:46 pm
trish: yeah. in this case you'll know sort of -- >> was it the japanese prime minister? he met with donald -- >> and ivanka. >> guess what? we knew about it. why did we know about it? because it's all there. [laughter] >> and, you know, look, what will get him in trouble is if ivanka were saying, look, if you do this for us -- >> right. trish: -- we'll do this for you. >> well, you don't even have to say that. and suppose he starts doing stuff as president that directly and you can show the line implicates his business interests like, you know, you could make up a lot of things, i don't want to -- that's where -- trish: well, yeah. then you get troubled. but as you say, you could trace those lines. it's not going to be -- >> he's -- here's the thing, when you run a big business, you're going to have conflicts of interest. if he's smart, he tries to keep himself out of it as much as possible. of course there'll be overlap, you're going to have to deal
2:47 pm
with it -- trish: but, charlie, they don't even want his children running it, they want it gone. >> it's not their call. i mean, no offense -- trish: why would anybody be incentivized to run for president if they have to get -- >> not only that, why is it okay for chelsea to run the clinton foundation? if she got elected, theoretically, chelsea would run the clinton foundation. think about that. this is such a double standard. and, yes, he's a businessman. i devoted a career to conflicts of interest in business, uncovering those things -- [laughter] there's going to be a lot of stories here, but to say it's something really bad here is absurd. he should be smart, he should have someone smart monitoring what he does, and he should proceed with caution. but to say that his kids have got to give up their father's business is totally insane. trish: charlie gasparino, thank you. as always, sir. president-elect donald trump saying roughly a thousand carrier jobs are not going to move overseas thanks to his efforts. in return, the company is
2:48 pm
getting tax incentives from the state of indiana. sounds like a win for both the company and its employees, right? but get this, people are are accusing donald trump of crony capitalism including conservatives like sarah palin. is she right, or is this just what is good for indiana and good for america in we are going to have this debate, i'll see you right back here after this. i love getting more for less. that's why this control enthusiast rents from national. where i can skip the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. on average, four out of every five rentals at national is a free upgrade. getting a full-size and paying for a mid-size? ♪ whoa, oh, whoa, whoa, lovin' every minute of it... ♪ as the boys from loverboy so eloquently noted...
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2:52 pm
republicans oppose this, remember? we know special interest crony capitalism is one big fail. is she right? will trump's deal with carrier do more harm than good? nick adams is back with me alongside simon lester from the cato institute. i know you tonight like the idea of this carrier deal, so i'm going to go over to you at the cato industry. why not? >> well, businesses have been very clever about playing governments off each other to get tax breaks. but in the end, the only winners here are these businesses. there are no new jobs created, they're really just shifted around. state and national governments -- trish: but shouldn't you want to do that as a state? think about it. as a state, you want to keep them there. you want them in indianapolis. so shouldn't you be competitive with other states to try and keep as many jobs as possible? >> but what you're not seeing is that other states are offering similar incentives. other national governments are offering similar incentiveses, so that means indiana's losing so many other cases. so it looks like a win here, but
2:53 pm
overall it just means the jobs get shifted around -- trish: look, i think -- >> these companies paid less taxes. >> i think the reality of the situation though, and, nick, i'll go to you for this one, is states are competitive with each other, and we should encourage that competition. look at what happened to finishing e moving out to massachusetts -- ge, moving out of c9 because they kept -- connecticut because they kept raising taxes. if you're a business, you're going to go to the place that creates the most attractive environment. let's try and make sure it all happens within the usa. >> trish, that's exactly right. it happens all the time, but the real point here to make is on the 8th of november millions of blue collar americans finally decided that there was somebody who was looking after them, and this christmas facing a very gloomy christmas all of a sudden 1100 families -- that's a big deal -- 1100 families now, and that's really when you think about three or four or people affected per person, we're talking about 4,000 americans
2:54 pm
that are going to have a great christmas. trish: nick, you're getting at something that i've brought up quite a bit on this show, and that is sort of the giveback, if you would, the sort of feel-good sense that people have going into christmas. you know, you can squabble all you want about, well, you know, still a thousand people are still laid off, and he made quite a few statements about that over the weekend, his frustration with american companies that intend to send jobs overseas, but the headline reads 1,000 workers are going to keep their jobs. and that just makes people feel good. and that has, i think, pretty profound economic consequences. not only in that community but, frankly, for the community. >> it does. everyone gets more confident, everyone gets more relaxed and more comfortable about where the country's headed which is what we need. president obama looks absolutely ridiculous. here he was just a while ago in the campaign saying that, you know, donald trump doesn't have
2:55 pm
a magic wand, how is he going to bring these things back, and now he looks like he's -- president obama looks imp tent and incompetent. trish: what do you say to that, simon? >> the way that states should compete is through overall lower taxes and better regulations. it's not through tax breaks to big companies. that means the little guy, you and me, are worse off. trish: but he is going to say he's going to do that. he's made that very clear. >> that'll be great if he can do that, but that's not what this is. this is a special tax break for big companies at the expense of the little guy. so i'm all for -- trish: i don't know, this is a tough one, you talk about 3100 people out of work -- 1100 people out of work, and that has repercussions within the community. when one person loses their job, they're not going out to eat, buying the new sweater for christmas, and on and on and on. and that affects a community in a pretty profound way. if those 1100 go, they're not coming back.
2:56 pm
i've got to take a quick break, we're going to pay some bills. nick and simon, good to have you here. we'll be right back. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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>> we may get another record here on the tao. we are in the territory right now. twenty-one dollars in change. part of the reason you're seeing that. they had been there. is moving higher again today. promptly percent. a lot of expectation. the fed is finally get a move. i don't think anybody has really believed them until now. the thought is that there could be some inflation. maybe they have a shot at going up.
3:00 pm
they may want to react to that. the expectation is that they will move my quarter point. liz is heading into you. liz: 92 percent. something could very well appear. we are on track to see the 19th record close of the year the first full week of december. it's up to 36 points. we are there. the president-elect also bursting out of the gates they crashed the meeting.


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